Which Banquet Halls Can You Choose From? Tips To Choose The Best

Hiring a banquet hall for your wedding is great news but it you will add additional party catering Sydney organizers. You’re obviously thinking of hiring a banquet hall in the heart of town which would be accessible for all your guests. If you choose banquet halls that are part of hotels, you automatically get the hotel’s services and range of facilities, such as lights, catering, decorations, music, photography and video coverage.

Ever since Indian weddings became blatantly lavish, the services of banquet halls also flourished. If you too are looking for good banquet halls to choose from for your wedding reception, choose the right venue based on the size and the services offered.

Banquet halls of repute usually have a wedding specialist or guide to help you with all arrangements for your wedding reception. Let the specialist know what your theme for the reception is, so that she can add to that and make the necessary arrangements at the venue and choose a menu to go with it. For instance, decide how big the head table should be, and the dance floor and the mandap.

Perhaps, you want a live band and videographers in attendance—well, let the specialist know. As the wedding guide speaks to you, he or she will recommend that the banquet hall be decorated with flowers, balloons, bright lights, dancers, a DJ, podium, microphone, cake on a pedestal, etc.

Tips to choose a really good wedding banquet hall: You need to look for a really nice banquet hall which has a warm and inviting ambience—something the guests will always remember.

Fix your budget: Look for banquet halls within a pre-determined budget. Shortlist all those banquet halls that are within your budget. Now, check for the area of the halls and match them with the prices.

Do they provide food and drinks? Though some banquet halls offer food and drinks, others insist that you order the food from elsewhere and merely serve it at their halls. So, check this out as it can be a very difficult thing to transport food from one end of the city to another. Also, if they have any other catering plan you are unaware of, now’s the time to ask. You can then consider this along with the cost of the hall and see if the package deal is worth taking up or not.

Do they decorate the banquet hall for you? All parents of brides will want that one person take the responsibility of the decoration and catering at the wedding banquet hall, so that they don’t have to chase after too many people for wedding preparations. Usually, wedding banquet halls do some amount of decoration, but if you want more, you need to put down more money for this and surely they will oblige.

Do they provide transport to you? Some banquet halls do provide transportation to you, besides also providing limo services for the wedding car.

These are just some basic services that you can expect at wedding banquet halls. If you want more and better services, obviously it means you pay more for them. Alternatively, hire a wedding planner and let him or her handle your wedding arrangements, including the wedding banquet hall.