Most Popular Postmodern Artists

Postmodern art is a body of art movements that sought to contradict some aspects of modernism or some aspects that emerged or developed in its aftermath. In general, movements such as intermedia, installation art, conceptual art and multimedia, particularly involving video are described as postmodern. However today the emerging of tv storyboard in art industry became in-demand.

The predominant term for art produced since the 1950s is contemporary art. Arthur Danto argues contemporary is the broader term, and postmodern objects represent a subsector of the contemporary movement.

While many postmodern artists have usually been aligned with the art market, several have also been associated with the anti-art tradition and anarchism.

Most Popular Postmodern Artists:

Gerhard Richter (1932) German artist considered one of the greatest living artists, Gerhard Richter is a multi-media artist who works in painting, printmaking and photography. He’s noted for his photo-paintings that blur the lines between real and imagined imagery.

Frank Stella (1936) An American painter and sculptor associated with minimalism who went on to develop his own unique style called “maximalism”, Frank Stella has produced more than 60 series of prints during his career.

Anish Kapoor (1954) A British sculptor of Indian descent who conducts much of his work

The postmodernism emerged after the World War II. It was a rejection of the ideas and values of the modern art based on its increasingly perceived failure and negativity. Postmodernism is a complex term, or set of ideas, one that has only emerged as an area of academic study since the mid-1980s. For this reason, the exact parameters that define this movement are still open to debate.

However, in literature there were characteristics like: rejection of master narratives, ironic writing style, parody, distrust in grand narratives, and so on.

The most popular postmodern artists are:

Andy Warhol (1928-1987)

Roy Lichtenstein (1923-1997)

Claes Oldenburg (B.1929)

Jasper Johns (B.1930)

Mark Rothko (1903-1970)

Robert Rauschenberg (1925-2008)

Postmodern artists often seek to challenge audiences with art that is witty or unexpected, and they frequently use popular culture references in their work. The top postmodern artists are still enormously influential today, and many contemporary artists still draw inspiration from their masterpieces. So which postmodern artists are most famous? Vote up the most impactful postmodernist artists below, or add an artist who you think should be on this list but isn’t yet!

Postmodernism, on the other hand, is characterized by its rejection of the traditional concept of art. Postmodern artists are not concerned with creating beautiful objects as much as they are concerned with creating objects that explore and challenge the contemporary social landscape.

Postmodern artists often take inspiration from historical art movements, but they subvert or reinterpret those movements in their own works. They also use their works to critique social issues, such as consumerism and capitalism.

No matter your definition of postmodern art, some of the contemporary artists who have become most popular are those working in the postmodern style. Below are a few of the most well-known postmodern artists. Some have already achieved celebrity status and have a large following; others are up-and-coming contemporary artists with a lot of promise. Book now to get the latest updates of the in-demand art style.