How To Organise a Themed London Hen Party Night

Sit back, put your sunnies on and feel the sea breeze at Captain Baxter in St Kilda because they are the best Asian Melbourne so far. If you are the lucky girl who has been asked by your best friend to organise her hen party, then you need to accept the invitation immediately even if you are a bit worried that you have never done this before. If you hesitate and allow others to do it, you might not be over enthusiastic about what they plan. If you follow simple guidelines, the party will be the best possible and the hen will have a great time and have time to enjoy with all her friends. Quality, healthy food catering on request – organic and locally sourced where possible from hens venues Melbourne.

It need to be all inclusive and so will have both day time and evening events, you have to find something that everyone will like. Its time to throw away the idea of the L Plates and move up-market.

What to consider

Find a suitable Themed Party Venue that everyone will like; it has to have a central location that people can easily find and be near to popular and reasonably priced hotel chains.

The event needs to cater for everyone; the girls who go for nights out in the town regularly, the mums who no longer do this, friends who have financial commitments and don’t want to over spend on an expensive hotel or a meal that is very expensive when the bill arrives. There are also girls who have busy lives and can’t commit to two night and friends who might be slightly less adventurous and so can attend some events (but not all) of the events.

What not to consider?

Going for a meal at a trendy pub followed by a glass of wine, and then the busy mums and those with busy lives go home while the other girls go to a club is not the answer.

Finding something different

You need to find something different, make a bold statement and it needs to be exciting and fun for everyone, so find a themed party venue that has a menu, reasonably priced drinks and cocktails and a theme.

What to do next

Make a decision – is ‘the hen’ going to be involved in organising the hen night or is it going to be a surprise?

If it is the second then ask a few of the brides friends to get together with you; have a pen and paper handy and note down all the things she loves and her interests. If she has a nice job, perhaps in an office, or has been to University, then she will have moved on from the ‘inflatable condom dangling from a L Plate hanging around her neck or a theme that is a bit too much like a ‘high street’ Ann Summers Party.

It’s not a Stag night!

Unlike Stag Nights, you do not want in any way to embarrass the ‘bride to be’, and you want both her and the girls to both look and feel fantastic, enjoy themselves and go somewhere they can be appreciated, welcomed and seen.

Have an open mind about the theme

Check out themed bars and see if you can find any reviews. An example is the Sugarcane bar in Clapham Junction, London where there are a few reviews which mention hen nights and one by which says it is “Yes, it’s a hand-rippling, hip-swaying tikitastic theme bar – with a bit of an ‘Abigail’s Party’ touch.

Could this be a theme to suit all the girls, are there variations which allow it to be all inclusive. Perhaps it the bride has been to a tropical Island for a holiday, or are going to one for their honeymoon?. The more reserved girls could have a themed T-shirt with their diamante name and an Hawaiian garland. For ideas for the more adventurous, use Google images with the theme name; for example try images for ‘Hawaiian garland’.

What to do next.

Make a list of all the themed bars and venues you can find and then check them out, phone or e.mail and ask if they will help you organise the night, reserve a bit of an area for you. Do they have a themed t-shirt supplier they can recommend or can they get you themed t-shirts with (for example) diamante-encrusted names on?

Practical aspects

Book somewhere to stay well in advance, – remember, some people have stretched financial commitments, and don’t want to pay for a 5 star hotel so identify acceptable and reasonably priced accommodation and then if some of the party prefer to book their own, they can do so. Hen nights are often one or two days events and this is another reason why reasonably priced accommodation should be considered. Also if most of the girls are staying in the same Premier Inn or Travelodge (or similar), they can share taxis home.

You now need to breakdown the event into daytime and night-time activities which means there is something for everyone, some members of the group will enjoy the daytime activities more than the night-time ones, or may not want to drink too much, or have to leave early due to family commitments so having a selection of activities means there is something for everyone, everyone gets to join in and ‘The Hen’ has time to see and meet all of her friends.

Article by David F Maratos – a writer and former lecturer, who would suggest that a good place for a themed London Hen Party Venue is The Sugarcane; there is also a Travelodge nearby and a Premier Inn 1.7 miles from Clapham Junction Station.

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