Dieting Is Not A Weight Loss Solution

When prescribed by a professional registered TCM Northern Beaches like me, Chinese herbal medicine is a gentle, safe and positive form of treatment for many conditions. Diets are not for most people. Some find dieting simple and easy others find it a struggle. But for the sake of weight loss, overweight people will do whatever it takes to lose weight. They will be or I should say they might be successful in their diet plans. Some permanently lose weight but after a few months when diet is stopped, then boom, they put on exactly the same weight they lost or even gained twice as much.

Diets are not for long-term, they are only for short-term. Diets are used for some purposes, like for instance if one gets hospitalized he/she maintains a specific diet until such time he/she has recovered an ailment, or for athletes preparing an event, they undergo diets while on training. But after the purpose is over, the diet is over. But what about for weight loss dieters, when will be the right time to start and stop dieting? Are you frustrated your weight loss diet didn’t work?

There are disadvantages attached to dieting. Dieting nay not be that simple and easy for many, and because there are a lot of diet myths that are fake, they fail. When you go on a diet, same thing happens, the diet ends. There will be at some point of your diet plan that you begin to feel bored and tired. Then your weight returns. Your diet plan is a failure. Your weight loss plan is like a roller coaster where there will be ups and downs in your struggle with dieting. It is a cycle where weight loss and weight gain never ends. Diets start and stop at certain point of time, the weight comes and goes. That is why dieting is not a permanent solution for your weight loss plan.

Many have tried dieting and at certain points in their lives they find it hard to keep up. It may be successful for the first 6 months or first year but when our bodies get tired of the same old habit you will notice that there is a slight change or no more change at all. This is a sign that your diet plan is not anymore that effective.

And every time we try on a new diet plan because the other didn’t work we are bound to start a new struggle. This is where the hardest thing comes in and that’s when this weight loss diet fails. The weight that you have lost is gained back. However, there are solutions to every problem and the problem with weight loss dieting has a solution for itself. If you can’t keep up with diet then why try so hard with diet. Don’t stick to something you can’t work on because that will only bring you frustrations. The only solution to your weight loss diet problems is to “Stop Dieting and Live” a life without regrets. Don’t commit yourself to something that will just bring you frustrations. Live a healthy life and enjoy every bite you take. Life is so short.