5 Ways to Save on Wedding Catering

Celebrate the start of the weekend with these family-friendly night meals ideas. When planning your wedding, one of your biggest expenses will be the food. Catering can be expensive depending on what you want to serve and who you hire. Fortunately, there are some really simple things couples can do to save a ton of money on their catering costs while still getting the reception of their dreams. Here are 5 ways to save on wedding catering:

1.) Share what your budget is with the caterer. Instead of going into the first meeting with a meal in mind, go with a budget in mind. Tell them what you can afford and how many people you’re expecting, then let them come up with the best menu possible for your event. You’ll probably be presented with some ideas you never even thought of which can make for a really fantastic and memorable event. Remember, your caterers are the professionals – they know what foods go over well at weddings and which ones don’t.

2.) Keep it simple. Instead of serving multiple appetizers, a salad, an entree, cake and a desert bar, limit the number of courses offered. Your guests shouldn’t get too full anyway; otherwise they won’t want to dance. Instead of focusing on quantity, focus on quality and offer fewer courses that your guests will really like.

3.) Have your wedding during a non-dinner hour. Instead of serving dinner, which is the largest and most expensive meal to have catered, try serving breakfast, lunch or even just desert and appetizers. By planning an off-hours wedding, you’ll save on food and alcohol costs while still putting together a memorable spread. Catering companies Cape Town usually have better available for off-peak times, which can also be useful if you’re getting married during the height of wedding season.

4.) Butler-pass the hors d’oeuvres instead of having a set station. This seems counter-intuitive because butlers cost money, but by having your hors d’oeuvres passed on a tray, you can control the speed at which the appetizer hour commences and serve less food over a longer period of time. You’ll save on food costs and your guests won’t fill up before the main event.

5.) Choose chicken instead of beef as an option. Chicken appeals to a wider range of people and costs less than beef. If you don’t want to look cheap, make it a really fancy chicken dish, like chicken cordon bleu, which still costs less than beef, but is still very impressive.

Catering Companies Cape Town Consult with your wedding caterer for more ideas on how you can have a 5-star wedding at a rock-bottom price. By working with the right wedding catering Cape Town professional, you’ll be able to have a great wedding no matter what your budget is.

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